We are all born unique. The White House Design Company’s mandate is to design clothes for “Every-Body”. We encourage women to embrace their inner beauty and strength and enjoy our collection with confidence. We want women to wear clothes as a compliment to their individual personality, mood and purpose and dispel the myth that they would be happier with a “perfect body.”

Finding clothes that fit can be frustrating and leave many feeling inadequate about their bodies. Women spend countless hours and dollars struggling to find fulfillment by adjusting their physical body shape in an attempt to meet unrealistic expectations. The media stereotype reinforces that thin and fit equates to beauty, which equates to happiness. This belief contributes to a far more serious problem. There are many women in our communities who cannot make a healthy distinction between the runway body type and the image they see in the mirror. These women suffer from body issues and eating disorders. They are an ever increasing demographic who hide in shame, misunderstood and alone.

We realize that eating disorders are a complex issue, however, we want to speak to the part the fashion industry plays influencing impressionable women, specifically young women whose self esteem and self worth is at serious risk. We want to challenge women to look honestly at how they perceive their own body image – how this affects them and in turn how this can affect their children. Perhaps with increased awareness we can shift the focus from the superficial and emphasize inner beauty, which is readily available to all.

We proudly support the Looking Glass Foundation, a local non-profit organization run by a group of passionate mothers who are making a difference. We hope with increased awareness and financial support, this foundation will grow and thrive to bring healthy happy futures to the troubled youth who suffer from an eating disorder or those who simply have a misguided perception about body image and happiness. Positive self-esteem and self worth belong to all of us.

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